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Call Names Registered Names

Arthur Ainsley's High Roller
Bear Ainsley's Bravura Portrait
Buster Ch Sunnyside Skylark Playbyplay
Canon Ainsley's Double Exposure
Charm Ch Ainsley's Lucky Charm ECM
Clint Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Calvados
Cooper Ch Ainsley's Portrait of a Hero
Dillon Ch Daisymead's Playboy
Duncan Ainsley's Weekend Warrior
Ella Ainsley's Jazzy Blue Bonnet
Elliot GCh Ivywood's Some Like It Hot
Grace Ainsley's Daily Double
Gunner Ch Boxhill Gwynllyn Gunsmoke
Hero Ch Ainsley's Johnny Bravo
Ivy Ch Ainsley Portrait As You Were
Jackson Ainsley's Hero in Disguise
Kassidy Ch Ainsley's Ivywood Kassidy
Leppy Ch Faerytails Leprechaun
Leroy Ch Ainsley's Double Agent
Lex Ch Ivywood Double Jeopardy
Magic Ch Ainsley's Magically Delicious
Macy Ch Ainsley's What U Wish For
Miller Ch Ainsley Cobblestone Like a Charm
Olivia Ch Ainsley's It's All About Me
Opie Ch Portrait Ivywood Midnight Sun
Peanutty, Nutty Ch Ainsley's Krime of Passion
Pennylane Ch Ainsley's Charmed Life
Randi Ch Ainsley's Jersey Girl
Riley Ch Skylark Brian Boru Ard Ri
Rosie Portrait Moonstruck
Sister Ch Ashwind's Poison Ivy
Skeeter Ch Ainsley's Portrait Badd Desire
Sophie Ch Barrister Ainsley High Style
Sophie Gordon Ch Ainsley's American Girl
Spencer Ch Ashwind's Ivy League
Sunny Ainsley's Double Platinum
Sydney Ch Ainsley's Perfect Krime
Trinity Ch Ainsley's The One's One
Tyler Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Corazon
Vivian Ch Ainsley's Girlie Girl
Wilma Ch Ainsley's Penthouse Sweet
Yahtzee Ch Faerytails Perfect Ending
Zoey Ch Stage Door's Hot Tin Roof

2008, Karen Griswa. The Ainsley English Cockers kennel name is registered with the American Kennel Club.