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About Ainsley

Philosophy and Priorities

The Ainsley English Cocker is an individual in a line that is constantly evolving.  He or she is always sound in mind and body.

My priorities are topline, tailset, fluid movement and head. While preferring a dog with significant front and rear angles, I keep more moderate individuals in my breeding program to keep angulation from becoming extreme and jeopardizing type and soundness.

Excellent health and temperament are requirements at Ainsley. Dogs are always checked for bilateral hearing, hip dysplasia, FN, PRA and all general health issues before they are bred, and puppies are checked for bilateral hearing and wellness before they go to their new homes. The line has been extremely healthy, and Ainsley pet owners who lose a dog to old age come back to Ainsley for their next companions.  I strive to breed well-adjusted, confident dogs, so they are easy to live with in the home and superb in the breed, obedience and agility rings. 

I hope to ever more consistently produce this sound and beautiful cocker, and to one day compete actively with my dogs in performance events. 


-- Karen Griswa

Ainsley English Cockers was founded in southeastern Pennsylvania in 1986, when Karen Griswa was Karen Albrecht. She had whelped her first litter under the Kedgwick kennel name of mentor and friend, Bobette Estes. But her vision would have its own identity. Today, Ainsley is on a hill in a beautiful rural area of central New Jersey, producing some of the best English Cockers in the country. 

Starting with dogs descended mainly from the Kenobo and Birchwyn lines, Karen linebred heavily on Olde Spice, Daisymead and Lynann, and introduced elements of several other lines to enhance and influence what has become the Ainsley type. During those years, she made Ainsley's name as Karen Fitzpatrick.

Each Ainsley cocker, from Best in Show and National Specialty winning Hero (Am/Can Ch Ainsley's Johnny Bravo, pictured reclining at right) to every beloved pet, has taught Karen what to improve and reinforce.  Every litter and every dog and bitch shapes her goals and what she hopes to be remembered for. 

Karen is a veterinary technician and professional dog handler. She shares her  life with husband Scott, his mother, Christine, several Ainsley ECs, visiting ECs, four cats and a ferret named Oops.

2008, Karen Griswa. The Ainsley English Cockers kennel name is registered with the American Kennel Club..