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Resources    Career Timeline
2008 Ch Ainsley's Bravura Portrait 1995-1996 Ch Ainsley Bluestraveler
2008 Ainsley's Weekend Warrior 1995 Ch Ainsley's Serenade
2008 Ch Ainsley Cobblestone Like a Charm 1995 Ch Ainsley's Badd Obsession
2008 Ainsley's Simply Charming 1995 Ch Daisymead's Keeping the Faith
2007- Ainsley's Hero in Disguise 1995 Ch Ainsley Boxhill Back in Black
2006-2008 Ch Ainsley's Portrait of a Hero 1994-1995 Ch Portrait's Ainsley Blu Lace
2005-2007 Ch Skylark Brian Boru Ard Ri 1994-1995 Ch Dawnglow Belle Starr
2005-2006 Ch Stage Door's All About Eve 1994-1995 Ch McMurphy's Spring Special
2005-2006 Ch Ainsley's Lucky Charm 1994-1995 Ch Ainsley's Backgammon
2005 Stage Door's Hot Tin Roof 1994 Ch Ainsley's Bittersweet
2005 Ch Ainsley's The One's One 1994 Ch Ainsley's Summer Heat
2005 Ch Ainsley's The One 1994 Ch Ainsley's Heat Wave
2005 Ch Ainsley's What's In It For Me 1993-94 Ch McMurphy's Fieldstone Premium
2004-2009 Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Corazon 1993 Ch Ainsley's Straight Shooter
2004-2009 Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Tia Maria 1993 Ch Boxhill's Rum Punch
2004-2006 Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Cointreau 1992-1993 Ch Ainsley's Back Talk
2004-2005 Ch Cobblestone Tuscany Calvados 1992 Ch Boxhill's Bocephus
2002-2006 Ch Portrait Ivywood Midnight Sun 1991-1994 Ch Majick's Annie's in the Pink
2001- Ch Ainsley's Johnny Bravo 1991-1992 Ch Ainsley's Fine Lines
2001 Ch Ainsley's Bedtime Faerytail 1991 Ch Daisymead's Hanky Panky
1999-2001 Ch Ainsley's Sofa King Badd 1990-1992 Ch Boxhill's Better Half
1999-2000 Ch Ainsley Portrait Badd Desire 1990-1991 Ch Ainsley's Periwinkle Blue
1998-1999 Ch Barrister High Society 1990-1991 Ch Ainsley's Cara Of Gold Leaf
1998-1999 Ch Faerytails Leprechaun 1989-1990 Ch Ainsley's Alley Kat
1998 Ch Royal Crest Dreamcatcher 1988-1990 Ch Kedgwick's Split Decision
1997-1999 Ch Ainsley's Perfect Krime 1987-1988 Ch Kedgwick's Kaptivator
1997-1998 Ch Barrister Ainsley High Style 1986-1987 Ch Kedgwick's Goodtime Charlie
1997-1998 Ch Royal Crest Apple Jack 1986 Ch Ainsley's Slick Chick
1997 Ch Ainsley's Krime of Passion 1985-1986 Ch Dickens Nicholas Nickleby
1996-1997 Ch Ainsley's Blue By You 1985 Ch Dickens Kate Nickleby
1996-1997 Ch Portrait Night Games 1985 Ch Kedgwick Love Me Do
1996 Ch Ainsley's Taylor McMurphy    

2008, Karen Griswa. The Ainsley English Cockers kennel name is registered with the American Kennel Club.